So fudging happy

Today I got so much done arty crafty wise. SO MUCH!! Unfortunately, I cannot tell you all everything what I’ve been making because the main things are for christmas + friendlings etc.

But, I’ve been spending the last two days making some gifts that are new to me and it hasn’t been working out, The moulds wouldn’t hold and the ingredients where wrong, too much of this too little of that yadda yadda yadda, but finally this morning it worked! And now I can successfully make these little treasures! It’s so nice when stuff works out. Lets just say, Lush would be super proud!:]

And on top of that, I started a new book this morning, Bearnard Schlink’s ‘The Reader’ and i’m nearly finished! It’s an astonishing book, I’ve wanted to see the film but I like to read the books before I see the films.. I’ve continued some more on my patchwork quilt and stitched up a wall hanging so it looks neat & tidy! I spent the afternoon making scented candles listening to NBC as Tiggy was watching it in my bedroom. Lune came in from the cold and spent some time sitting inside Alex’s hoody, where it was warm i’m presuming!

Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

I must pack for tomorrow’s shopping adventures. I love shopping, but don’t enjoy the shaking pains in my arms afterward!

Have a good Thursday & Friday, I won’t be around to Blag!


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