Forgetting how much I enjoy winter

Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

Hello all…Sincerest apologies for lack of blogging, I do get sick of saying that sentence, as I do say it alot! My last week and weekend has been lovely, so so lovely! Myself and mumma spent two fantastic days Christmas shopping together in Cork City, something we haven’t done in a while! We stayed at the same hotel we always go too and it was just as pleasant as usual, if not more. The people working there are so genuine and friendly, really made us feel cozy and welcome.

Anyway, we did a solid two days (ish) shopping getting lots of gifts for our loved ones and having a proper good rummage! I did splurge a little bit, but that’s expected around Christmas time (and I found two AMAZING tops+dresses! Time to update my weirdrobe post!:) and I also gave mumma the experience of Eddie Rockets fabulous foods! Mum loved it, going for the smart option of ‘Burger in a Bowl’ as so too eat pleasantly and politely.. I however had a ‘Cheese Please Burger’ and it was just a mess! The contrast between the two of us must have been hilarious, me chomping down with bits of lettuce flying everywhere and mum politely enjoying her meal! Mum loved the mini juke boxes, us blaring out Billy Idol whilst we were dining. ♥

And to top of our lovely days in the city we returned to Beal Athá with many a heavy bag and Shane in tow! So myself and Shane have been spending some quality time together whilst the frost keeps us from parting. (The roads are so icy Shane couldn’t get home today…Excellent!) So whilst I blog this to you all, Shane is catching up on some shut eye because he had to get up early and walk down today in the icy winds for nothing… Atleast we get an extra day together! ♥ XO



**Christmas gifts are nearly ready to give out to my friendlings! Then I shall post a few tutorials and D.I.Y’s all Lush inspired for yourselves to try out.. I’m so obsessed with Lush its crazy!! Happy Holidays ♥


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