Taking its toll..

Don’t feel so chirpy this morning, due to a few events. Need Shane to cheer me up :(

It’s Thursday so naturally drop out brother is not in school, so we’re going for a hike a little later on..probably up the mountains somewhere (so I can push him off it..) I really hope this cheers me up..  I have two little projects to do today, I was meant to do them yesterday but got caught up with other things and bed was so cozy that I didn’t want to leave it for my desk.

Project one. Is small and would probably take no more than five minutes, I’m making a long necklace with a little leather tassle strip hanging off it. Something to add to my collection of the strange and unusual.

Project two. Is a project for Ellie! I really really hope it comes out well, its a tiny pair of leather cowboy inspired booties, see the original image here. I found the idea on LuneVintage the other day. I love her blog, I’m a new follower and already she’s one of my favourites for all things crafty.

So my main project today is the Boots for Ells. I love them, and I have stackloads of leather to practise with! As always i’l post the results of my crafties later when it’s done.. Who knows, if it’s good I could make a tutorial out of it! XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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