The number game.

Was being played most of today on Facebook, You mailed your friend a number and they put up what they thought about you in their public status with your number so you know it is about you. I did a few, and some wrote me some lovely thing. I just had to post them here as individual comments. I was 23 ♥

”Where to start…your the most insane person ive ever come across..your so wacky and march to your own beat and sod whatever anybody eles thinks!! I convinced you to come dossing in second year and ended up getting suspended but it was well worth it…running rund cork like mental people..kicked out of that posh school!! loads of drunk times….you arriving back to my house at 8 in the morning covered in mud is my best memory of you…haha and will never live that down!!!! Other times watching Twilight in Geography, playing Tetris in Biology… Pretening to be stoned in Home Ec!!HAHA! Samara from The Ring! Staying at your house for three days and just eating coco pops! Our mission to get that fucking swan head at three in the morning, and we all chicken out!! Your haunted house that scared the shit outta me!! Havent seen you in a year but still loves you loads and loads….Were having one mental session over christmas!! AND you being my mother signing all my notes for me… detention notes, not doing homework notes, report notes, notes home from teachers for not doing my homework, my signing out notes for the “doctor” when i just got shit sick of school and wanted to go home early….And my fucking suspention notes home in 5th year so my parent never found out about my second suspention!!!!!!Jesus i owe u one hell of a drink for doing all this haha!!! xxx” -Aoifie

”Ah now, best times of my life with you, i miss you sooo much, the most unique person iv EVER met and i wish i had more time with you and i wish i could see you everyday love you” -Shauna

”I love the way your so artyfarty, and you wont ever change for anyone. Your so lovely and individual” -Kate

Awh. Reliving memories with golden friends is always top. I miss too many dear friends. ♥




I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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