The Elf and the Shoe Maker

Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

I’m very happy with these little booties of mine, made for Ellie Mae:]

I took it slow because I didn’t want any mistakes! It took me a few hours, two favourite films (Sister Act and Terminator 2), chitchatting to Mumma and Teigey and endless cups of tea to get these little ones done.

Next pair I make I shall use a pliers to pull the needle through the leather, my fingers will thank me!! (they are soo sore!)

Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

So waddoyathink? Aren’t they adorable? They were so satisfying to make that I’m going to make a few more, and use up my leather pile!

They are toooo big for Ellie now, but they’ll fit her in the next few months:]

I made these on the 11th of Dec 2010, I’m going to take note of the date when she properly fits them too.

♥ XO



4 thoughts on “The Elf and the Shoe Maker

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I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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