Ten Things I Love Sunday

Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

Yay, another ten thing I love post from my week of weirdness:)

1. Finally getting all my Christmas presents for my friendlings finished! I started the presents a few months back and what a good thing too! December always flies by soo fast, so i’m so pleased I was so organised this year! In the next few days I shall be handing them over to their new owners and even sending some across the seas..:]

2. I’ve been broadening my horizons in terms of the arty crafty this week, starting new and never before been tried out projects, and they’ve all (minus one project) been successful! Its really satisfying when new projects work out well!  My new experiments are also in the christmas gifts…shhh!

3. Me and mumma’s little cork adventure we had last week! I especially liked taking mum out to Eddie Rockets and having the nicest burgers in the world. So yumm. Oh and having the best luck EVER in the thrift shops! Found the two most beautiful tops and dresses for bargain prices!

Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

4. The film ‘ The Road’. Shane and I were glued to the tellybox watching this. It was so realistic and so  sad.. Quite a heavy emotional film too, it’s certainly worth the watch…so DO IT!

5. Having lots of new crafty projects like my handmade shoes for EllieElf,  here or the  I’ve been  working hard on.. I’ve so many more too do as well! It’s so so good having tons of craft projects over  the Christmas holidays, this way I won’t be driven mad by my surroundings :) I’m getting through  my 21 before 22 list, slowly but surely..I haven’t been just neglecting it!

6. Having bought and wrapped my parents and Shane’s presents all in the first week of December. I  hate that panic to get presents, and hate even more the panic to get them all wrapped in time. So  getting them early was awesome! The real weight off my shoulder will have to be getting mums and  Shanes presents! Although, i’m not out of the woods yet… I still need to get mum a few more bits:)

7. The number game, and the reminiscing on Facebook with my dear Aoifie on the old days messing in school. What I’d do to go back and see us all in action again! Love you Aoifs! X

8. LUSH LUSH LUSHHH.. My obsession! I’ve noticed how my room smells like lush, and how i’m starting to smell as good as that shop! I’m obsessed with their Rehab + Retread hair products, my hair is noticeably in better condition..and soo silky! I’m already after returning and spending too much money in there. It’s so easily done though!

9. Mine and Tiggys little movie dates every few nights, he always comes in and watches films in my room with me, we make hot chocolate and then snuggle for the film. He doesn’t mind when I don’t want to watch them, he just continues on knowing i’m busy at my desk. His films from my collection are (in oder of preference) Pineapple Express, Resident Evil 1+2, Terminator 2, Nightmare Before Christmas, Underworld 1 and occasionally Corpse Bride. He’s too cool.

10. Obviously I was going to leave this one till last… Spending the weekend with Shane! We’re trying to spend as much time as possible before Christmas and before the bad icy weather creeps in again and I’ll be house bound! It happens almost every year living up in these hills…Thank jeebus for them crafty projects I’ve got under way hey?

Have an awesome Sunday and a good start too your week ahead:) XO! ♥


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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