Twinkly sparkly

Cobh has its christmas lights up all over the town, I can see them all the way down the hill from Shane’s window. They’re colourful and bright, it’s really sweet and christmassy:)

Yesterday in town myself and Shane went around town doing some more Christmas shopping for our parentals and went rummaging around the craft fairs and markets together. The markets were soo so good, come to think about it I wish I had taken lots of pretty photographs for everyone to see! We also met up with little miss Maria for more christmas shoppage, and we returned to Lush once more! I bought a little gift box for mumma and I treated myself to another Bath Bomb, this time ‘Space Girl’, it smells like Parmaviolets..the best smell ever! And one of the highlights of my day was being given a 500g bottle of Snow Fairy for FREE! That’s how much a loyal customer I am…heehee:) Both Shane and Maria also got some gift boxes for their mumma’s.. Nothing nicer than Lush for pressies!

I’m really rambling on about Lush now so Im’a stop.. Maria was so funny in town, people just kept walking into her or her line of vision when we were talking, people can be so rude! The looks she was giving people were too funny!

Two newbies to my jewellery collection are a pocket-watch necklace (another I know..) and a pretty brass owl necklace that looks like an evil skull if you turn it backwards..the main reason why I picked it up:]

Today I’ve been making another new pair of shoes for Elliebelly,this time they are felted  blue and purple with cute little hearts on them. I’ll post pictures up when I’m hooome! Muchos Loveos xo


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