Wild rumpus.

Hello all you lovely readers! I sincerly hope you all are enjoying the snow as much as you should. I am!
Since we’ve been regularly showered with this lovely white stuff I have been documenting our(the little people at the homestead’s) every move when we are outside playing in it! I have many a film to go through and edit and when I am done, hopefully I should have something worth showing to youtube and to here!

Today after myself and Tiggy went delivering Christmas cards and presents to the neighbours Tiggy decided he was tired and had had enough of the snow, so we (myself and Alex) went slipping down the hills with Alex’s skateboard, although it wasn’t much of a success.. So we ditched the boards and used our own feet to slip our way down the hills! I fell many times, I’ve been quite accident prone today-from biting my tongue hard enough for it too bleed and knocking my wrists and ankles off of every side and corner at home. It’s terribly annoying.

Anyway, we decided to give making a snow man a go yesterday, promptly failing and giving up.. So today, we both agreed to make an Igloo and not give up doing so. It’s going so well, better that we both had originally thought too! Tomorrow we’re going to continue it and hopefully finish it! It’s so nice reaching out to that inner child in all of us, making this igloo really has brought on that exciting feeling of Christmas I used too get when I was a littlen:)

Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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