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Decorating all year round.

Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

Okay so I’ve been doing some fabric dying, well more Doiley dying, all for a little project I wanted to try out a while ago. Sort of like a christmas decoration that can be kept up all year cause it’s not too festive and more pretty than anything? Well I needed new fairy lights first (If you know me and have been to my bedroom then you’ll know I adore fairy lights, I use them everyday and more so than the actual main light!) Anywho… I found and bought two new sets of clear lights last week when I was in Cork with Mr. O’ Brien ♥ and last night I began drip dying my doileys! I have 12 of these little crochet doileys, one of which is a lot bigger than the rest and six smaller ones being different in shape to the remaining five. They were white, I had originally intended to having them all solid separate colours, but that idea was thrown out fairly fast.

Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

I let them air dry on one of my sketchbooks over night, leaving there colourful prints underneath and through the sheets a couple of times. It looks so pretty, I’m going to keep the print outs and do something with them. Maybe put some in my scrapbook?(which I have sorely neglected..) The biggest doiley had to be multiple colours, I couldn’t just let it be one solid colour or a mix of two. Most of my little doileys where mixes of blues and purples or reds and yellows, with some being solid colours too.

SylviSylvia Walsh 2010 ©Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©a Walsh 2010 ©

Here they all are dried and full of colour! Awaiting to be strung up alongside the fairy lights.. The colours will shine through with the fairy lights, making it look even more prettier! *If you are going to do this, make sure the fairy lights are fire safe and for indoor use only!*

XO! ♥


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