Little moon.

Sylvia Walsh 2010 ©

Today whilst the rain poured down, dampening my hopes of a crisp morning walk I decided a little arty ness was over due! I’ve been too crafty and not enough arty of recent times, so I got out my main scrapbook and started giving it a whirl.. I decided to give potato printing a try, seeing as I wanted to do a Christmas orrientated double page I though gold and silver stars worked nicely alongside my design. I haven’t scrap booked since September due to lack of inspiration towards my scrapbook. It’s so good to be back filling those pages! I can’t wait to have it full and finished.

I also began the process of Hennaing  my hair, performing a strand test first. Thank cripes I did, the test showed up a light gingery red. Not what I wanted at all, so I scrapped that idea. I’m still not going to put any bottle dye near my hair(unless its amonia free!) Oh by the way, its been three months since I last dyed my hair, and a little over a month since I last straightened my hair, and I don’t blow dry my hair ever. So here’s to strong healthy hair!:)

Lastly, myself and Tiggeroo had our usual session of watching a movie together. We watched the Super Mario Bros today, Lunebug curled up nicely next too Tiggy it was rather sweet. The new year is dawning upon us…..Friday is getting close! What are your resolutions for the new year? XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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