Welcome 2011…

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Hellooo, this week I may be a little distracted from blogging mainly because my boyfriend is down for the week and next weekend I’m heading away for another few days. January is usually always busy for mee.. But I won’t completely neglect you all, you’ll just have to wait a little bit for any craftys or D.I.Y’s.

Since it’s the new year and such I thought it would be appropriate to go through my resolutions. I always make resolutions and last year I actually kept too my resolution of giving up McDonalds. During college we would always give in to not cooking for ourselves and head down to Mcy D’s, so I planned to stick to this resolution and I did! And now I couldn’t eat that shit if you paid me… Without further adue I shall explain my resolutions..:)

This entails getting my provisional, getting driving lessons and passing my test..and hopefully getting a little car at some stage. I’ve been saying I should learn to drive since I was 16 and since I have been putting it off for too long. I need to do this! I’ve promised myself if I drive and pass my driving test this year I shall go on a Summer vacation/road trip somewhere as a ”well done you” kind of thing.

2. ART.
This is a bit of an obvious one as I’m always doing something arty, but.. I want to get more sketchbooks filled and my scrapbooks finished, make more crafts and maybe hopefully at some stage set up an online shop selling my bits and bobbles:)

I have a dvd collection obsession, I’ve been working on my collection for a long time but really started taking it seriously in the last two years. I even have a DVD wish list and I must collect all on my list by 2012. I have around 90 to go.. also, I must write down every film I watch this year, whether its old or new. I just want too see how many I watch each month and how many in the entire year. A bit silly yes but still..

4. ME..
I dyed my hair back to its near enough natural colour(dark brown) on new years eve, because for this entire year I’ve banished all forms of hair dye from touching my hair. Last year I really abused my hair, with dying and bleaching it every few weeks. My hair is slowly getting healthier and giving it 3 months before colouring it dark brown really helped. I’ve also been staying away from my GHD and my hair dryer for the most of last year and I want to keep this going all year. In 2012 I should have long luscious dark brown hair!

I have a few other ‘Me’ resolutions, some I have too do because they give me migraines, I haven’t been able to drink coffee in the last 4 or 5 months because the migraines where so blinding. I even had to change my birth control to a progesterone only pill due to the migraines. Since both of these have changed my migraines and headaches haven’t really changed, so I’ve had to give up cheese and chocolate too. This is upsetting but its for the best..I can do this!  I feel so much better without these three delicious yums, even if I miss each of them soo much!

**I have more but I will include them in another post shortly..I have blog resolutions too! Today I’m also introducing my newest page to my blog, ”Craft list 2011!” It’s a page dedicated to a list of crafts and yums to be completed during the year! Go have a look! I’ve already started some of them and will show ya’ll sooon! I’m off too have a bash off Left 4 Dead 2…Chow! XOXO


4 thoughts on “Welcome 2011…

  1. lyzi says:

    I used to suffer from really bad migraines too, to the point that they made me vomit! My doctor said I had to give up chocolate and cheese (two of my favourite foods ever!) but I just couldn’t. Instead, I went to see a homeopath and she gave me something that stopped my migraines, and I haven’t had one since! AND I can still eat/drink all the things I enjoy :) I don’t know if it’s something you’ve already looked into, but it might be worth it!
    Happy new year xxx

  2. Sylvie says:

    Argh vomiting too? That must have been awful.. Good thing you don’t get them any more! A homoeopath eh? I must give that a look into! Thanks, I’m not sure if I’m truly ready to give up chocolate so this is definitely worth looking up! Cheers Lyzi, Happy new year too you too! :) xXx

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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