Pictures that never made the cut

Hey there… I’ve got zillions of billions of photographs clogging up my virtual memory and it all needs deleteing so before I do that… Here’s some pictures I wanted too but never made it too a full blog for what ever reasons so I’m going to flood your screens with lots of pretty and interesting pictures! Enjoy:)

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©
These two dresses are ones I’ve altered myself and for the second dress I made it completely from a wall hanging I had that was actually a long orange/redish purple skirt of my moms! It’s pretty and I made it to the same style as my black Lily Allen dress in the first picture.
Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©A A seriously adorable picture of Ellie bells squinting in the light. The next three pictures are gorgeous presents from my lovely friend Liadh:) She made the bracelets herself which I ADORE, especially the bulky big beaded colourful bracelet. And the elephant purse speaks for itself, i’m soo happy I finally have a purse that fits ALL of my change,notes,cards,lip balm and my tablets all in the one purse! Aaaand Lush goodies! Bath bombs, Space Girl bomb which I adore and the second I’m not sure what it is but it smells divine! Thank you Liadh! :)
Sylvia Walsh 2011 © Katie taught me how to knit again! My Gran taught me Christmas 2009 but sure enough I had forgotten by the time she left for England…So I’m thrilled i’m making a use of all that gorgeous wool and needles both Mum and Maria had given me! The third picture is what I’m knitting so far…I don’t know what it will be but its all just practise! And lastly, a group shot of all our shoes from yesterday with katie.
Sylvia Walsh 2011 © Since Shane has left I’ve been wearing his top he left behind..which is now mine. Isn’t it an awesome top? It still smells of him:) Myself and Luna on Christmas day, she got some serious pampering that day with massages,cuddles, christmas turkey and ham! Ellie wearing my new russian hat that makes me feel like I should be in Alaska, and Shane via Skype on Christmas eve, we opened our pressies at 12.01am so technically it was Christmas Day.
Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Luna snuggling into my hoodie whilst we began to play L4D…The next two are art installations in a local gallery myself and Shane regularly visit..These creatures where made entirely of plastic bottles! It was very impressive, the alligator was huge! And lastly, my hair as of late. It’s staying this colour for the entire year, yep. no more dying.
Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Lastly of all these photos…My new clock! It just screams me.. Thank you mom for picking it out for me! And something to wet your taste buds haha…I freaking love Marmite, and Shane’s sis Tracy gave me the Marmite Chocolate for Christmas! It’s delicious (well I think it is) … XOXO


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