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8 fears.

*in reference to the 10 day challenge, starting backwards.*

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1. That I will never become something in my life.

2. Forever being stuck in Ballingeary.

3. Tall structures, buildings and sky scrapers, large alligators + crocodiles makes me feel ill.

4. Varicose veins.

5. That I am never good enough.

6. Hurt or illness to my family.

7. Snapping my Achilles heel.

8. Wasting my life away.


4 thoughts on “8 fears.

  1. catherine says:

    hi chicken, catherine here from the cafe! dont ever think your not good enough or wont be anything….. your a lovely girl with a good heart and that will take you far. as for getting out of ballingeary it’ll happen, might just take longer than you hoped and when it will it’ll be worth the wait!!! keep your head up and keep smiling!! life is good!! (hope you dont mind me writing to you just didnt like seeing what you’d written :( xxx

  2. Sylvie says:

    Helloo Catherine!
    This message honestly brightened up my day, thank you so much for writing this! Ofcourse I don’t mind you commenting, that’s what my blogs for!:)
    As for the fears I really do worry about this all the time, but it’s just something I’ll have to over come and prove myself I can be something. And as for getting out of Ballingeary (haha) it will take a while yes, but i’ve already done the first step..I’ve applied for my theory test! Hopefully with any luck I’ll be driving sooooon! It would be awesome to say the least!
    Thankyou again for your kind words, I really am my own worst enemy! xXx

    • catherine says:

      hi chicken!! thats great bout your theory test! well done! first step is always the hardest! i did it in oct 09 and i was nearly 30! i remember jenn dropped you home from the cafe the same day i was doing it. ill keep my fingers crossed for you. i think everybody has fears we wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t have some!! i have fears too and im a mom of 3. doesn’t matter how old you are! i’ll leave you at itfor now mind yourself chicken and i’ll talk to you soon xxx

      • Sylvie says:

        Yeah its taken me soo long to actually get around to booking it, its passing it im now worried about! Yeah I heard you passed too so well done! Even though its late lol. Yeah I suppose we wouldn’t be humans if we didn’t have fears! Thanks for commenting Catherine, it’s been lovely chatting! Take care + see you around :) xoxo

I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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