Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

This may be a bit of a ramble.

Last night was a blur of organising my life a little bit.

Getting tasks done that had been in my to do list for months that I just kept putting off, organising my desk area and my bookcase/dvd collections etc.

Most importantly, I applied for my driver theory exam. Next month, with any luck, I will have my provisional license that I have been wanting for so long. I really shouldn’t put such important things on the long finger.

I’ve sent off some films that have been sitting waiting to be developed since September, I’ll have them back tomorrow. And if all goes to plan, my lomo photography project will have worked out and I’ll have a film of interesting photographs to share with you! I’m not getting my hopes up, it didn’t look promising when I was fiddling around with my camera.

On another note, I don’t seem to like any of my fabric for my sewing projects. I have quite a collection of material but none of it is useable/wrong material I need for my current project list etc. I’m even going to put a note up in the local shop asking for any old unwanted fabric,material and old granny cardies and old man jumpers. haha the last bit would be amazing! I’d love it.

I haven’t been the most crafty of foxes recently, mainly due to my addiction to my scrapbook this week. I’m so happy i’m getting through it, I have something like 34 double pages to get through before April? This is so possible. Then I’m thinking of doing a summer scrapbook and finally getting my other two scrapbooks done.
Sylvia Walsh 2011 © The blue scrapbook (which is yet to be covered with fabric, I think i’ll leave that till the end) is my current scrapbook I am working on, the smaller beige scrapbook with the little ruby dragons on is my special scrapbook called ‘The story of us’, which is entirely Shane + Sylv related. I don’t think I will be posting these pages, little private and such. I might have a change of heart sometime in the future however.. And lastly, the one that says ‘Sylviepops’ across is. Some may recognise it from this post that I never actually got around to finishing, purely because I ended up disliking the project’s titles each day. I’ve done some changes and I’m going to get it filled asap, after all its only 30 small pages to fill..

Tonight I will continue some more on my patchwork quilt project, and next week when I’m in the city again I plan to give Hickeys a little visit.. I’m tempted to bake more cupcakes tomorrow afternoon. I didn’t do enough nice things today. I spent a lot of today just thinking.

Until tomorrow lovely readers, xoxo.


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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