4 Books.

*in reference to the 10 day challenge, starting backwards.*

1. Let The Right One In (translated from Swedish) -John Ajvide Lindqvist
My favourite dark read of last year.
It’s what caused the Americans to steal and make a shit version of the swedish film adapted from the book, Let The Right One In. Read!!

2. Mandy – Julie Andrews Edwards.
I read this when I was younger, It’s a beautiful read and full of innocence and adventure. I love this book, I am yet to find and buy it again!

3. Crank -Ellen Hopkins.
This is a true story, written in poetry form. It’s a dark and harrowing true story of a young girls addiction to crystal meth.

4. The Woods – Tana French.
Currently reading, I’ve been reading this for years it seems! It’s my bedtime book, so I read it often but usually fall asleep with the book in my face!
This book is worth a read even though its long and takes a while (about 100pages) to get into.
It’s a cime/murder book of missing and murdered children. Real happy I know. :)



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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