spring clean

I woke up so late today. Same as yesterday. I suppose that’s what I get for falling asleep around the half 4-5am mark.

My evenings are starting to slowly merge into the same routine. Listen to Scuzz or have i-pod on shuffle with laptop blogging/tumblr/twitter etc, endless film watching and scrap-booking afterwards or in-between typing. With lots of tea drinking. With the occasional cupcake making session or telebox watching. Getting cable was a good idea but it may be the death of me.

I spring cleaned my jewellery boxes this evening. I’ve gotten it down from three jewellery boxes to one small crammed one. This and the endless necklaces hanging from my wall. I also spring cleaned a little bit more off my shelves and art cupboard chucking out some unused stuff. Every now and then I get incredibly sick to death of my bedroom and want a change. Last time this happened instead of changing my furniture around I painted my walls. I get bored too easilly.. Anyway,

Sylvia WAlsh 2011 ©

I’ve just finished baking Almond cupcakes with Tig. It didn’t start off well, he trundled upstairs to wash his hands and within two minutes of being back in the kitchen he sneezed into his hands and then lost the plot when I told him to wash them again. He spent more time going up and down to the bathroom than actually making the cake mixture. :) They came out lovely and golden brown, Tiggy will be happy to know (the little bugger went to bed as soon as I mentioned cleaning up!)  The recipe said it makes 12 but we ended up with 21! I don’t actually like the Almond cupcakes we made tonight, they have too much essence in them and its put me off.. Its probably a good thing I don’t like them, I could do with less-cupcake-eating! xoxo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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