Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

True to yourself.

From reading Mandi’s and Elizabeth’s post earlier, it got me thinking just how real are we making out to be in blog-land? Its always nice to delve into someone else’s life for a bit and find out some possibly interesting things that you might not of known before. I’ve written a four part post similar to this before (here, herehere and here) so I thought instead of telling you all some things that you either knew before or have read before and I just forgot, I’m going to put in a few ”new” things about me.

Jumping on the band wagon and all, it’s worth giving it a try. :)

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

  • Small talk irritates me. I hate the whole ”HI! Haven’t seen you in aaaages” malarkey. and the conversation following after that. I’d rather just skip that whole scenario and carry on as if we had never left. Recently I’ve found that I’ve almost lost the ability to talk properly for long periods of time to people I haven’t spoken to in ages, that all too familiar awkward moment lingers long when before I could skip past that and carry on yabbering away as normal. So small talk makes me feel more awkward than before.
  • Teenagers piss me off. Especially teenage girls. And the crowd that are all ”I’ve got problems and need attention”. I’m sure they piss a lot of people off.
  • Without thinking I take off my shoes and cross my legs wherever I am. At the movies, restaurants, library’s, buses, at the sunbathing spot in Grand Parade… and in always Shane’s friends cars and they never notice, ever! :) I feel more at home and comfortable shoe-less. Shane and I used to walk home barefoot back from the cinema when I was living in the city last year.. awe♥
  • I’m obsessed with wanting long hair. I always had long long hair all my life, but last January I decided a change was needed and chopped my locks off to have short choppy manageable hair. It was good for a while but now I’ve gotten obsessed with wanting my old long locks back, and it’s completely consumed me. I had real extensions which I loved but like everything they got damaged and I had to cut them short too.. I don’t wear extensions now I must get used to my natural length. It’s such a balls. This picture was taken back when I had long extensions.. I can’t wait till its that long again!
    Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©
  • My ”comfy clothes” are usually wearing an oversized tee with wooly tights. Its the comfiest ever, and I think it beats fatmans for sure! Although wearing just tights and a tee can look a little weird…but meh! Its COMFY!
  • I love love love making cup-cakes but I feel guilty as shit eating them.
  • I get bored with my bedroom too easily. When I was living in England I would regularly change my bedroom furniture around each week or so.
  • Shane and I have picked up a little habit of reading the credits of films entirely searching for the weirdest or funniest  names as they roll down. We even hang around till the credits have finished at the cinema, making us usually the last to leave when the lights come on and the staff come in to clean!

Littly silly things I know but it’s a little bit more you may or may not have known about me:) Happy February every one! xoxo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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