cant breathe cant speak

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

I’ve slowly gotten progressively worse as the day turned to night. It hurts to speak or swallow and breathing easy is a mission in itself. You know the way if you swallow whilst holding your nose closed your ears pop? Yep, mine do that without needing to hold my nose. Blergh. I did get a lot of my patchwork quilt done tonight too, I used new patches this time and its kinda noticeable but I didn’t want it to be a set design and picture perfect in the first place. With it’s faults and slight mess ups it makes it more authentic.

Watched Skins tonight, I’m giving it a chance basically because I love Alo, hes a cutie. And there’s nothing really else to watch on Thursday nights,plus whenever I wanted to watch skins in the past I couldn’t because the wind up here fucks with the aerial signal which is why I have all the series on dvd. So i’m making up for lost time,even if it is with the newest and probably worst series yet. We’ll see.

On a great note, I’ve fixed my ipod problemos! I’m so fudging happy, I wasn’t ready to part with my jellypod..I’ve had it for 5 years now! xoxo



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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