If I keep this in any longer I’m going to snap.

A LOT of things have been seriously pissing me off lately.

A lot of people I know are making me question my friendship with them. I tend to take some with an air of mistrust these days. I’ve seen right through them, realising their lies and the fake front they put on. Self image is so important to people.. So much so that it consumes them and makes them arrogant and selfish, they change themselves for others and forget their original beliefs for the time, then continue to preach about ”hating fakes” and ”being real” and what have you. All of the above have affected me in the last few weeks, and it’s noticeable in my scrap-book.

I miss a lot of my friends and Shane and this is really getting to me too. I find that I’m always missing people, I’m never with them enough. I can’t begin to tell you how hard it is not having your best friend around. Or having your boyfriend live around the corner. People take such things for granted.

Although it’s fun getting a nose into what some else is bitching about, I try to not blog about people that annoy or piss me off because I like to keep positive and vent my anger out in other ways that won’t be kept on the internet for hereafter. This is why I’m keeping such people anonymous..


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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