This is not a test.

Image via GoogleSo after a tedious bus ride that seemed to just go on and ooonnn, running through the hard rain to make a train we were already late for and a nasty walk up a rather mahousive hill I am finally at Shanes for the week! I’ve bought myself some vegetable lasagne to try, see if its any good! And I’ve found New York Cheesecake in Tesco. This to most people just seems like a regular thing but my mum will freak when she reads this! Not only is it the nicest cheesecake next to Baileys cheesecake and the obvious strawberry one, but its also the rarest to find! We considered making our own from a recipe all these years ago and soon gave up on the idea. Low and behold good old Tesco have it! So don’t worry mum, I’m bringing some home with me for you:) Its only been about ten years since we both had it! And it’s still just as tasty.

Saw a wonderful film last night that I had actually been putting off since it was lent to me from Liadh, it’s called Wristcutters and yes the name was what was putting me off! But you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover and i’m soo glad Liadh lent this to me! It’s up there in the goodies section along with the likes of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. I love how it’s so quirky and some laugh-out-loud scenes were just brilliant! Shannyn Sossomon was beautiful as always and such a good character, I can’t write enough how good this film was. WATCH IT! For now anyways, xoxo ♥


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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