Love n’ stuff

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

I’m pretty sure yesterday couldn’t have been nicer. Valentines is just a regular day really but it was especially nice to share our second Valentines day together again. :) We spent the day holding hands and all that mushy stuff that couples usually do. We did a little rummaging and nibble shopping for the cinema, I bought a rather fantastic summer dress that needs altering, a beautiful high waisted skirt I found shoved behind a load of sale items (maybe someone hid it there to come back for at a later date? Its something I always do.. It was the only one as well..whoops!) It’s khaki green with golden buttons and a thick black waistband to it, LOVE it!  As well as some needed new tights, cause I keep tearing mine. Even though I loved ripped tights too.

We had lunch in the restaurant 14A in the city and it was lovely. 14A is always good quality delicious food and the service is always lovely. We had roasted vegetable soup and toasties. The toasties were massive and looked unreal!

We stocked up on nibbles and fruit juice for the cinema and went in almost half an hour early and it did no good really, the screening room was the smallest in the entire cinema and it was already half full. By the time the film started staff were in to reposition people to make room for other couples. Who would have thought Paul would be such a good Valentines choice eh? Like I said in the previous post Paul was exceptionally funny.

Spending the night cuddled up with my boy on the sofa watching films and sweet words and staying up till gone 5am, sleeping in till gone 4pm. It couldn’t have been a better day. ♥


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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