This kid has so much attitude

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Teigey, wearing my in-progress patchwork quilt with that all too serious but funny look in his eyes.. I do miss the little guy!

Last night Eleanor, Shane’s mum gave me a mahousive bag of beautiful floral print, retro and stripey fabric to play with. I’m sooo thrilled to have it, the fabrics are too gorgeous and they’ll most certainly be added into my patchwork quilt and future projects as soon as I get home. I’ve already thought of some high waisted skirts in the mini red floral print or maybe some printed retro pillow cases for my bed. I’ve really turned towards the retro look bedroom recently. Like the refreshing light colours and floral print bed sheets, raspberry and cream walls and wrought iron beds? I’ve turned into such a girl.

Don’t get me wrong I love my galaxy-esque walls and dark purples but my bedroom is extreme for being dark all the time. I only really get sunlight in the early hours and I almost always tend to miss out of these precious rays due to sleeping! I think moving bedrooms will be a good call, plus Tig really wants to swap rooms with me. It will give me that bit more of space too, and I’ll have a normal ish ceiling! (Mines slanted and dark)

Anyway, enough ramblings! I’ll post up pictures of the pretty fabrics as soon as poss! xoxo


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