Rihanna, stop trying so hard.

I stumbled across this quote ”Sex in the air I don’t care i love the smell of it” on Tumblr and was instantly put off, from seeing it a further few more times I decided to check out who on earth had quoted it, presuming it was GaGa because she is most known to shock, so much so that it is no longer surprising I was however, shocked to find the quote belonged to Rihanna and her desperate attempts to always be the sexiest and most popular..

Am I right in saying she’s a little to try hard to be sexy recently? After numerous incidents of being told to ”tone it down” there’s no surprise that her new video/song ‘S&M’ (where she is seen boasting about nudity and bondage) has sparked massive controversy all over the world, the song/video is banned from Radio 1 and 11 countries so far. She’s even being sued for stealing imagery in her music video from David LaChapelle.

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I’m not a prude in the slightest and it honestly takes a lot to offend me but what concerns me is Rihanna’s main audience are teenagers or younger, mainly girls. Surely you wouldn’t want your 13-year-old girl walking around singing ”whips and chains excite me” and seeing such degrading material in her videos. Her entire song is sex orientated, which I think is not only too much but a desperate attempt at gaining  popularity and attention, which surely she has enough of?

The song itself is extremely catchy, after listening for the first time I had a hard try at getting the tune out of my head, mainly because of the constant use of ”Na na na” or some other annoying sound she uses instead of clever lyrics (has she run out of fuel?)  Rihanna has lost the plot. I myself enjoy Rihanna’s music but as of late, I have been less inclined to want to listen, however hard it is to get the catchy tunes out of my head. I was surprised with Rihanna’s Rude Boy lyrics that she released last year but wasn’t completely offended, enough to blog about it. But as always in the pop culture, sex sells.

Rihanna is an attractive successful artist with millions of adoring fans, why does she consistently feel the need to prove herself to us? We love her anyway. I really don’t think there is a need to always try to be over-sexy. Girls that try to hard are just seen as pathetic and sluttish. It’s a bit too much. I can already see teenage boys disagreeing with this statement. Feel free to comment, this is only my opinion.

The sad fact is, if GaGa had done this rather than Rihanna, it wouldn’t have got half the attention. And I certainly wouldn’t have been half as bothered to write this!


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