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After a verrrry long day in town, lots of travelling and thrifting I’m home and able to sit for longer than ten minutes, so I thought i’d squeeze a post in before I watch Vantage Point snuggled up in amongst the blankets. This morning was fun, I witnessed Shane and Fren wolf down two of the biggest sandwiches I have ever seen in my entire life for brekkie, seriously it was like a triple decker or something.. half would over fill me like.. Nuts! Should’ve gotten a picture but that would have been slightly weird:)

Shortly after I had to leave Cork once more and return home but stopping in Macroom for a little thrift with Mum, Racheal and Xak before we went home. I salvaged a rather crazy skirt, which I am going to alter into a high waisted skirt and keep the remnants for my fabric bin. The skirt is seriously awful looking but I went on a hunch that I could turn it pretty, when worn with the right colours and garments I’m sure it won’t look so bad… Also found a lovely light and summery cardigan and some comfy tee’s which will be of good use during the summer. We had quite a laugh with the locals. Some people just don’t know how to react to our sillyness, it’s hilarious!

Tomorrow i’ll share my pretty things to be altered and such :) xoxo



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