Taking a break

Today I took a break out from my study (even though its on Saturday! Eep!) and spent time with Maria over at the homestead. We chatted over vanilla teas and discussed new wants and needs etc, took photos and I dyed her hair for Maria’s first time ever! Her hair is too. die. for. I’m not kidding. She’s never dyed her hair before and it’s in the most lush condition ever, I’ve always thought the most beautiful of hair types are those that have never been chemically dyed. Not only is her lovely well looked after hair worthy of being jealous of, it’s also soo long and naturally curly. Soo jealous!

Anyway, back on topic! Her hair is now a lovely reddish brown! So cute. I’ve banned her from using her hair straighteners too so she better stick to it! :) The picture below is my most recent favourite photograph I have taken in ages. I just love the way her hair falls with her curls.  I think I may have a bit of a hair crush hah!

Sylvia Walsh + Maria Fitzgerald 2011 ©

I also gave her two new helix piercings, one slightly lower than the usual ”top of the ear” piercing. She was really good whilst I was doing it and it was over in less than two minutes! I’m quite experienced with home piercings and although they are usually frowned upon, it is perfectly safe as long as you take the right precautions and sterilize everything before hand. I’ve pierced 9 of my 15 piercings myself, 10 if you count my old nose piercing I used to have. And I’ve pierced many of my friends too, Maria being my regular :) I should charge haha!

Sylvia Walsh + Maria Fitzgerald 2011 ©

Her mum was lovely enough to give me a bottle of wine as a thank you which was really sweet. I should dye hair more often if that’s the case haha:) So after a lovely afternoon with little fitzy I am now ready to get back into study for Saturday..I can’t wait till its just over and done with! Coming up later on is my third Project Restyle! XOXO


3 thoughts on “Taking a break

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