breathe in,breathe out.

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

This field, where recently has been my favourite place to take outfit posts purely because it’s so vast and has a yellow glow to it because the grass has died, will soon be ploughed and the earth will be dug up. This happens every year so it’s not strange to us. Mum and dad like to grow their veggies and our field is perfect for this. I’m only upset because with the earth all dark and muddy and the pretty sallow grass gone, I will need to find another dreamy spot to take photos. . I’m going to try squeeze in as many outfit + refashion shots and general bloggy pictures here before our neighbour comes along to dig it all up.

I’ve been playing a lot of classic Tomb Raider the last few evenings with Teige. It was my first computer game and I still have it 11 years on! It’s scratched to hell and I’ve had to download an update so Teigey’s computer can handle the terrible graphics and such, but I forgot how much I loved this game. Tomb Raider 2 was always my favourite. Since we’ve been playing it recently I’ve been able to complete levels fully,collecting all the relics and getting through it a dam lot faster than what I could do when I was ten. It brings back all the old memories haha. Enough geek talk. I just wanted to post a ramble, as it feels like it’s been ages since I did so. Also, this is my hair currently as of February 25th. (when I took this shot) It’s growing so fast, I’ve completely outgrown my extensions (which aren’t even wearable any more!) and recently my hair just keeps getting crazier and grows outwards as well as downwards. Seriously, some mornings it’s like I have an afro! :) XOXO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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