Happy 1st of March!

It’s starting to seem more like Summer everyday!
There’s usually so many birthday’s in this month.. Shane’s 21st is at the end of March too, can’t wait!

Here’s some little visual lovelies that I found via Tumblr or Google. They make me lust for Summer!
Our daffodils are already blooming and mum’s got the sunflowers planted and ready to sprout.. Ahh I just love it all!
I can’t wait for swimming in the sea and long hazy binjful days with Shane:)



I’m very busy today, at 4pm I’m travelling up to Limerick for the night, I’ll most likely get back in the early hours of tomorrow so I’m in for a long night!
I’m going on my first official Paranormal Investigation with Ghost Eire! Also, today Ghost Eire will be profiling and having a small interview  with me and soon after I will be the official Photographer of the team! So exciting!

I know sceptics will be reading this thinking I’ve lost the plot what with ghosts and whatnot, but it’s the experience that’s interesting and the travelling all over the country is such a great opportunity, not one to miss out on any way! We’re going to be investigating Ireland’s most historical buildings, castles,sites and towers, anything slightly haunted we’ll be investigating. Everywhere that the average person couldn’t just wander into and explore! I’m SO excited, I live for the eerie and freaky!




I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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