SRW &Ghost Eire Photography 2011 ©

Ghost Eire: Sentenced to a Heartbeat. (Tarbert Bridewell Courthouse+Jail)

**Warning: This post will be long and full of photographs!**

Here’s the FB Link to find out more about Tarbert Courthouse

Myself and Xak set off at 4pm yesterday to head for Tarbert, Kerry to meet the rest of the Ghost Eire team  for our first investigation of the year.
The drive there was long but it was a beautiful sunny day driving along the motorway with Placebo playing in the background and the sun setting behind us, shooting deep pinks, blues and oranges across the sky. Truly lovely!
Sylvia Walsh 2011©

We arrived in Tarbert at half 6, being the first to arrive we decided to take a little drive to the ferry at the Shannon River and  stop to have a cuppa by the sea and talk to some locals with rather lovely little dogs:)

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©
After our  little tea stop we drove back to the courthouse and were met by the ladies that worked in the coffee/souvenir  shop beside the courthouse and got to know everybody who would be observing our work that night. Three lovely writers from ‘Bridgets Fire’ pagan magazine where also there to join us in the nights investigations. Whilst I was being introduced to the rest of the Ghost Eire team, Xak and Anto went around the building performing base tests and setting up trigger objects, motion sensors, video and sound recording equipment and I went around the building getting photographs of each room etc whilst the lights were still on, before anyone else set foot into the building.

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

When this was done and the team had gone through the rules with the people coming to observe etc, we performed a little ‘protective prayer’ and witnessed one of the largest brightest comets speed past the night sky that I have ever witnessed! It was like Hayley’s Comet or something. Cosmic or what?:)

Tarbert Courthouse is open to the public during the day as the courthouse+jail cells have been renovated and made into a museum with Mannequins posed as the judge or perpetrators in the cells. Some were really freaky looking! When we were inside the building all the lights were turned off and the only light we had were from head torches and night vision on our cameras.
Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

We did a number of tests, my favourite being the group seance with the EVP ghost box used to supposedly contact the dead through white noise and radio frequencies. We also tested with glass through the seance, table tilting, mood boards and the quija board. ( aka ‘talking’ board)

The table tilting was the first experiment we tried, where you place your finger tips on the flat of the table top and ‘channel your energies” to the supposed spirits, inviting them to communicate, usually making the table tilt, rumble or shuffle across the room. The table reacted well and shuffled its way around the room and banging against the wooden skirting boards at one time. I didn’t take this too seriously, it could easily of been someone pushing but what would be the point sabotaging our own experiements? Anyway, ‘spirit’ bizzness aside, I am just the photographer there to record everything!

We had quite a lot of activity from last nights experiments with the results coming soon to the website here.

These are some of my favourite photographs taken during the first seance was under way with the EVP Ghost box.

SRW & Ghost Eire Photography 2011 ©

SRW & Ghost Eire Photography 2011 ©

Weird scratch like markings and ghostly white blurr above Maries head made everyone really appreciate this picture! These scratches look like something on a film negative, but all my photographs were digitally taken with low or no flash.
We ended our night around half two in the morning. And after a long night of activity and standing on my feet I was well and truly exhausted! We packed everything away and began our long journey home back to Ballingeary. We stopped along the way to take pictures of the night sky and had a little run in with the guards but all was okay :) Tomorrow now we shall be investigating an abandoned house under a hill.. all I know is it’s going to be chilly!

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