A death..

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Yesterday was a rather dull one being honest. I broke Carl, my camera which led to lots (and lots and lots) of tears and many uses of curse-words and more tears. I’m serious, I’m pretty useless without Carl in my life. I use it everyday for every reason. Be it for my blogging with pictures for D.I.Y’s or outfit posts, arty stuff like my scrap-booking or any crafty bits I make, or seeing a fellow snail tottering along the ground.
I snap away for anything, I don’t really realise how many photographs I take in a day until i’m uploading them to my computer and freaking out because there’s no virtual memory in Mr.Lappy because it’s filled to the brim of photographs!…(Which I only use about 2% of these on my blog anyway, the rest just sit in folders with silly names to them)

I went for a walk (before the death) in a lousy mood. I was frustrated with the day because of its lack of spilling sunshine and all the little crafts I could have done, I didn’t. I have some new fabric which is being turned into either a skirt or a wall hanging above my bed (can’t decide) and also a polaroid project which I can’t start or work on without the aid of my camera… FRUSTRATION!! Oh and two finished ‘project restyle’ items sitting up in my closet with only half the post written up- A, because the sun left and B- the lads were working in the garden and I didn’t fancy being mocked for taking ”posey” pictures. Eurgh lads just don’t get it do they?!

Anyway, this little walk ended up being quite nice, I plonked myself on the rock I always sit at when I end up there and enjoyed watching the forestry burn. I hate it when they burn the gorse out by where we live. It’s silly but I fear for the little creatures that are fleeing there burning homes. I KNOW, I sound childish and soft but that’s me. I care about bugs okay?! :) I watched the sky slowly turn fog like and hazy, but not the nice haze, more dark and cloudy and suddenly the sun had left and I was cold and needing tea. I decided to climb my way back up through barbed wire fences and electric lines (not getting electrocuted this time!) into the field just behind our little homestead. The skies had turned an almost black by then and bed was looking even more welcoming to my lousy mood that I was still in… So without haste I made myself a cuppa and pinched a chocolate yoghurt before making my way up to bed to watch a rather awesome film called ‘momento’ curled up in bed with dear little Lune. :)

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and wide eyed which was surprising as I had spent a good part of the night fighting back tears over the death… But was relieved to know my camera was being sent away this morning to a man who can hopefully fix it + soon! The next investigation is Tuesday and its quite a big one, an old dissused fever hospital and market is on the cards and I neeeed a camera for that sort of opportunity! Let’s hope I get it back in time, be a bloody miracle really! Lesson of today…Do not use superglue for anything important! XOXO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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