10 Things I love

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

1. I don’t consider myself to be lucky, like at all. But last week I won this competition at Kelinda.KELINDA to win $100 shopping voucher to spend at ShopBop, it my first proper win in my whole life I think. To say I was shocked and surprised is an understatement!

2. EVERYTHING about these girls and the book/film. I’m besotted with it all. (The Virgin Suicides)

The Virgin Suicides

3. Paranormal Investigating with Ghost Eire. I’m not a complete ghost nut and I don’t really believe in that sort of thing, more of a ”I’ll believe it when I see it” sorta person. But getting to travel around the country and doing these investigations properly and photographing locations and experiments is really quite something. I’m so lucky really to be  a part of such a lovely team! I’ve only done three investigations but already I feel at home with them :)

4. Getting back into the sewing+crafting swing of things, over January and a little bit of Feb I wasn’t making or creating much stuff, only scrapbooking and the odd project here or there. I’ve been making more skirts and altering a lot of clothes recently, I am in my element when I’m doing this! I truly truly love making/altering my clothes. Some recent crafts can be found over here.

5. Fixing my small poison ring! Thanks to Liadh with her little genius tip of using surgical spirits on superglued stuff I manage to give it a good scrubbing and with a bit of help from my pliars I managed to prize open my little oval poison ring. (the one with the grey stone in it not the black stone!) So happy, it gives me hopes that my camera will come back as good as new and free from all that evil glue…

6. My ever growing collection of knitted sweaters and cardigans. I’m a sucker for over the top crazy ”granny style” garments! I wish I had a pair of crazy shorts cause shorts are my number one thing to wear really! Three of my best sweaters came from the second hand shop in Macroom! I need to know this colourful person who keeps giving away such beautiful clothes is… We need to be friends! :)

7. Our beautiful summery weather we’re having lately. Its nice not having to wear tights with my shorts sometimes! I love the sun and clear blue skies. It makes me want summer to come even quicker this year!

8. Passing my theory test once and for all! I know this was about two weeks ago now but I’m still so thrilled about it. This is the beginning of exciting things!

9. I’m completely head over heels for this ring. I NEED IT! *birthday is sooon!*

Image via tumblr

10. Adele. I’ve always liked her music but recently I’ve really been listening to her words and emotions in the songs. Truly beautiful. Also, one of my favourite tracks is a remix of her with high contrast. Listen to it  heeeere.



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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