Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Ghost Eire: Galways Old Fever Hospital, Gort.

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

I’m back and well rested from last nights travels + investigation. Last night was.. intense to say the least. I don’t have any pictures to show because I was using Eric’s nikon and he wasn’t prepared to let me borrow it too see what sort of shots I had got. I don’t blame him, that camera is worth a few bob! Not that i’m reckless with cameras or anything…even though mine is hella fudged at the moment it is on it’s way to recovery. I hope!

We got to Galway in 2 hours 45 minutes and it took us just under that same time to get home! The drive up was really good, long but it wasn’t tiring. The weather going up the country was crazy though, sunny half ways up then torrential rain and blustery winds! I’m glad I brought a pair of skinnies with me.. The old fever hospital was amazing. Such a large daunting building and the end of a pokey creepy little lane in Gort. The hospital itself was still perfectly intact with some of its original windows and the back had been opened out into a beautiful garden centre with the same look and feel to the herbology class in Harry Potter. There four spots in the entire building that had the most weirdness for me. Myself and Xak climbed up into the attic to get a feel for the place (because we had felt this magnetic pull to the top window in the roof from the outside) and we both felt a strange air up there, like real sadness or something. Xak got a sense of  the fear of heights, which is something she’s not used too at all and later that night we both had thought that a child had been thrown out of the top window at some stage. The place was freaky!

There was also a long straight corridor to walk down upstairs which felt eerie, I felt that my back was exposed to danger walking down there. The male’s ward where we held most of the experiments had the most activity, as well as the women’s ward upstairs. One entrance to the top ward had a massive impact on  everyone, giving us breathing problems and a sense of suffocation, like the air was thick. And we all had head, ear and chest problems all night. It’s something I’m getting used too!

Also the usual ghostly going on happened, the banging upstairs and footsteps above, cold chills running through us, our energies being sucked out from us and knocks on the walls etc. All that stuff that happens on TV that doesn’t seem real, well…that stuff happens all the time! It’s not the freakiest of things that happens with us.

On a bonus, I have decided I prefer my little Carl to Nikon’s. Which is something I’ve been wanting too have a go with, as I’m always thinking of getting a Nikon. Although I only had it for about 6 hours it was enough to make my mind up. So many things I didn’t like about the Nikon that I prefered on mine. Although it’s a fantastic camera and there are lots of awesome things about it and I wouldn’t say no, I still prefer my dinky Carl:)



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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