violet bruises

Sylvia Walsh 2011 (C)

I’m spending the next two weeks here in Cobh with Shane. It’s already been really lovely. The weather is beautiful, bringing on that Summer feeling I adore. We went to a friends christening and spent the after party chugging yager bombs and JD’s in the crows nest. The night was a good laugh and everyone (well almost) were in good spirits having a really good night.

Sunday we spent the day chilling out together in the sun wandering down to the beach (or the rocks as the lads call it). The weathers been so nice I’ve been bare legged, which isn’t the usual for Irish spring/summer! I’ve already got a cute little collection of small rounded shells in all sorts of colours too from visiting the beach. I felt like a kid again searching the stones for sweet shells and pebbles with holes all the way through them. We’ve also been catching up with endless good films- last night we finally saw the final chapter of Saw, which is something we’ve both been putting off slightly because for the seventh film in the series, it must have lost it’s edge by now.

But it didn’t! It was surprisingly brilliant with more great gore. The only fault we found (which is something I’m really picky about with horror films) is how bad the blood looked, it was pinky and not as thick. The saw films are known for using pigs blood in their films, which I think adds to the dedication to making a real good horror. But in the final film it was poor, but it was something that was easily overlooked as the film itself was too gripping (I found) to stay focused on the poor quality of the blood used. It really did come full circle which was something fans needed. They finally tie all ends and the final twist wasn’t expected but it couldn’t have been more obvious once we found out. I think saw fans are happy with this, I am. I just hope they don’t make another!

Rambling as always! But it’s needed as I haven’t written in a while. I’m going to spend the rest of the day in the sun with my ipod :) xoxo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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