when she jumped, she probably thought she’d fly.

I spent yesterday flooding my brains with Jared Leto’s voice, finishing the Virgin Suicides curled up in the sunlight (was my ‘bath book’ but I brought it along to Shane’s with me) and making Shane’s birthday card -which involved making miniature bunting from the tongues of my green converse! They took longer to make than making actual full-sized bunting, probably because sewing the canvas was awkward and it being tiny and all made it difficult to get a grip on it. Still, it turned out as I hoped and looked really cute :) I’ll show the pictures when I’m home and able to take them off my phone.

image via tumblr

Still oh-so-obsessed with The Virgin Suicides. As much as I loved the film and its dark humour, not to mention Kirsten’s performance of Lux Lisbon, (she was born to play this role!). the book as usual was much better. Although the film was very accurate to the book, it left out a lot of little parts and changed the death scene slightly. In the book one of the sisters lives and some three weeks later commits suicide properly. (sorry I think I may have ruined the ending a little) The death scenes have really got me thinking of getting back into the dead picture thing I used to do a few years ago with Monts, we’ve already been talking of taking some more pictures when I’m next with her. So exciting! Purely because all those years ago we used crappy webcams/cameras or poor quality blood and gunk. Now we have proper cameras with more megapixels than we can count and have a better idea of how to get real good blood. Sorry for all the gory imagery! I meant to post this last night but WordPress was being awkward.. Never too late to post ramblings though! XOXO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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