The only pink I will wear..

Yesterday I restyled a pair of rather funky pants into some girly summer shorts. I’ve had my eye on these pants for a while now but wasn’t prepared to pay the price they were on sale for as I knew I was only going to cut them up, knowing they would eventually cut the price when the newer stuff came in I promised myself I would buy them and make them into a light airy pair of pretty floral shorts.

I made sure to take step by step photo’s of how I did it, and will post a new Project Restyle as soon as I’m home! 
Sylvia Walsh 2011 (C)
I neeed my camera back to take the detail macro shots these are missing!

Sylvia Walsh 2011 (C)

I’m not using my own computer so I couldn’t splice these images together, plus I’m only grasping a little how to use a mac! (+I miss copy and paste the old school way!) These pants were designed for a wide leg all the way down to the ankles, where it tightened slightly, so making these into shorts was easier than usual and it makes them the comfiest coziest shorts I’ve ever owned!
Plus, there perrrfect for summer when it’s too sticky for my denim cut-offs.




I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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