Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

D.I.Y+Project Restyle: Cute Summer Shorts

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

The internets been playing silly buggers all day so I haven’t had a chance to post anything since coming back from Babysitting! Anyways, it’s back now and so is a new bloggy post :) How to turn a pair of trousers (or pants if your irish!) into a cute pair of summer shorts. Farrr too easy!

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

I should really add to turn the pants inside out before you mark with a pen/chalk/whatever your using.

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Try to keep a straight cut, it will effect the way your shorts end up otherwise!

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

I cut just above the knees, you need space to turn them up for step four. Remember this!

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

I also straightened the fabric down as well for extra neatness. Any excuse to use my ghd’s once again! They’re getting dusty..

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Just sew a simple straight stitch along and knot neatly. Easy as pie right? And for a fiver you can’t go wrong!

Happy Altering!


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