Chasing us all underground

I’ve been meaning to show the pictures I collected whilst I was away in Cobh.. Still taken
on my crappy camera phone. Enjoy (:
Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Mugs of tea and bare feet.
My collection of shells, rocks with holes and a pretty birds feather.
The sunset from the waters edge.
Ticket stub for his birthday card.

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©Being silly with Jamie Oliver and Octy necklace.
Miniature bunting made from Converse tongues.
More tea with a great book to read.
Mr. O’Brien playing Iphone games.
Yes, I really do organise my outfits prior to leaving.
It snowed the night before I left for Shanes.
Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©Shane’s Turtle he’s crafting out of wood, I get to keep him when he’s finished!
Miniature bunting inside the birthday card.
Mess of patterns and colour.
Golden brown in the suns rays.
Pretty fabric through the light.
Unpacking.. and yummy pear drops!


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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