Bed head.

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Good afternooooon… Last night I saw the film ‘Hide and Seek’ with Dakota Fanning and Robert DeNiro, it’s a bit of an oldie but I had never seen it. It was surprisingly good, I loved Dakota’s role as the creepy traumatised kid, she played it well! But I was most surprised with DeNiro. I knew the end of the story anyway from a friend or something but I wasn’t ready for such a good eerie performance from him, I know he can act (-duh) but he playing freaky really good. Gave me the shivers! Any ways, another film to add to my list!
Here is the most recent picture of my hair as it is currently (bed-head and all), I haven’t cut it since 31st of January 2010 (except trim it) when it was just slightly passed my jaw line. Neither straightener or hair dryer has touched it as well! The only product I religiously use is Lush’s ‘Big’ and ‘Retread’ Shampoo. I tell you it does wonders.

Today seems hopeful of warmth as it’s really dazzlingly sunny outside but we live so high up its like hurricane season every day! I’ve given up the shorts since leaving Shane’s, it’s just too cold here for that and have gone back to wintry sweaters and leggings. The plan of action today is to get more done to Ellie’s birthday blanket (or finish it) and continue scrap booking whilst I have the ideas and energy to do so, and start listening to all the new music I borrowed last night from a neighbour. Maybe bake some chocolate chip cookies later with little brother..



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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