In case of emergency..

Remember those silly masks I made the other night? They are now all tucked into a cute brown envelope from Hong Kong (the very same envelope that delivered my lomo camera all those months ago) and safely stuck down into my wee scrap book. I saw wee but it’s really mammoth size! It’s probably one of my most sillyest pages in the book but I like the fun element it brings.

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Mum gave me a load of the alphabet stencils to play with, all different fonts and sizes. The Old English font is my favourite at the moment. There’s so much you can do with stencils! You can tell going through my book that its only in the last few months that I’ve been using them. Really changed the look of it all.

(below image) I’m not too keen on the ’emergency’ part, it’s smudged and needs a touch up, seeing as the top lettering is near perfect. I’m not sure on the black either, Maybe it needs something lighter? When I’m not sure about my pages I like to leave them for a while and come back to them at a later stage, with fresh ideas and a clear mind so I can can change what I wasn’t sure on if I still want too. I think this will happen with the black sugar paper here.

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Inside the envelope holds all 6 masks and sticks to attach to the masks. I’ll probably never use them but still, they were fun to make. On the inside of the envelope flap I’ve written in green bold pen ‘P L A Y !’ Silliness is acceptable some times right? :)

I’m off too watch ‘Requiem for a Dream’ and contemplate tomorrows moves, today went according to plan apart from randomly gardening outside with Ellie and Mum (rare on my part) and arising problems from a wheel barrow with a dodgy wheel. Apart from that I did a little of everything I wanted too do, including baking those yummy cookies and watching a little bit on the tellybox.

Goodnight! ♥


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