Not even maybe

Sylvia Walsh 2011

I’ve been in a strange mood the last few days.. Everything annoys me and I’ve got too much stuff. So I’ve been mini-spring cleaning again. So I’ve got little stacks of things to give away to friends, stacks of things to throw out and stacks of rubbish. Plus lists of things to do as soon as. The sun woke me up this morning, beaming through my windows at an evil time of 9am.. I proceeded to hide under the blankets until a more reasonable time to get out of bed, half 11. I needed it.

I’ve come to realise more than half of my things I own in my room are art related. I have more jars of buttons and beads than pairs of socks and films put together. An over spilling sewing box (which I plan to sort once this has been posted) and more books than my bookshelves can hold. My frog tank with non-existent frog inside it is now home to over sized craft books, collections of letters and recycled envelopes, scrapbooks and projects that are awaiting transformation. I have too much stuff. Even when it comes to my regular ”eurgh I hate everything lets chuck it all out” and I do, it still doesn’t seem to lessen my crap/clutter. My plan of living like a snail isn’t going to well..

Ugh, I’m just not feeling to peachy creamy these days!



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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