Reasons to smile

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

The sun has been out beaming us with its glorious rays lately and I’ve been flooding my head with beautiful music and happy thoughts. I’ve been too gloomy lately.. Time to smile I think!

Last night Mum and Xak went on a little road trip to rescue some chickens that needed a good home, we have 5 little chickens living in proper living space free to roam and be happy, although one is poorly at the moment Xak is doing her best to make chook number 5 better. They originally came from a Battery Farm so we are giving them better quality of life! And if you know my mum you know she is crazy for all things chook-wise.

One of Shane’s birthday presents arrived in the post today! I bought him a replica T-shirt from the film ‘Pineapple Express’, the same t-shirt that James Franco wears throughout the entire film, grimey eh? (this one to be exact) It’s awesome and I’m already incredibly jealous that I must give it over to him this Saturday coming!

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Also, another package came in the post this morning sent for mee, which has a story behind it.. I bought a vintage-y beautiful long top that was bought in Camdem a few years back off of Monts mum Sheena, she was selling it and as soon as I saw it up I had to buy it before anyone else did!

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

The story behind the top goes a little like this.. Back in 2008 I went home to England to spend my 18th birthday with Montana and my Granddad for a few days. I needed to borrow this very same top off Montana to wear for my birthday dinner with my Granddad as I was going through that gothic phase at the time I didn’t have anything that would look appropriate in the resturant..

Anyways, I wore this top to dinner and Granddad had commented on it saying how much he liked it and that it looked lovely on me. I also wore this out that same night when I went on my birthday adventure with Montana too! My 18th is very special to me because I was able to spend quality time with Granddad and my best friend. So when I saw this for sale I knew it had to be mine, purely because of the memories had whilst wearing it. It’s comforting knowing its mine and that my granddad loved it on me. :)

I’ve been doing more scanning and editing of my scrapbook today, once I have the entire thing uploaded I’m going to add a page here so its viewable on both my deviant and my blog. Getting around to doing things feels good.




I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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