Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

So very true..

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

I’m off to Limerick today with the team.. We’ve been asked to hold/host a talk for some pagans who are interested in what we do. I really hope noone asks me anything, I don’t do well in front of crowds! I re-watched Requiem For A Dream last night, mainly for a good fix of Jared but it was actually better the second time around. I still think it’s not half as good as Candy (the Australian original) but it’s good in it’s own right.

Something that made me burst out laughing today was watching Ellie try Marmite for the first time. Everyone I know who hasn’t tried it gets put off by the smell, saying it’s disgusting. That’s far enough if you’ve actually eaten some but to be put off by the smell alone annoys me. Live a little like! I know Marmite is strong tasting so even a dab on your finger is enough to determine whether you like it or not,  so I gave Ellie a tiny amount on my baby finger and the reaction was priceless! At first you could tell she was wondering what it was as she got a real taste for it but then out of nowhere her whole body shook and her face shrivelled up, I thought she was either going to explode or go into a fit! She did NOT like it one bit, even refused to let me give her anything else after that. I think I’ve ruined the trust between us aha.. It was definitely the best reaction I’ve ever seen!

The picture above is a scanned image I took last September sometime when the flowers were still colourful, I then edited it with photoshop for the quote ” The flower cannot blossom without sunshine and Man cannot live without love”. So it’s all miiine, copyright and all. Please don’t post to weheartit or any other sites without my permission or relevant link back to me! :) xoxo


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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