Stand out on the edge of the Earth

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

Thursdays travels brought us to Dingle, right at the edge of Ireland. It was beautiful. I wasn’t expecting to find such breath taking views! We were down in this part of Ireland for another paranormal investigation, this time in Dunbeg Fort. The night was really long, we left home around the 4 o’clock mark and returned home for 3am! But the scenery and astonishing views made up for the long hours. It was a beautiful clear night too and surprisingly not as cold as expected. The moon was out and glowing down on us as we sat for the seance, it was truly spooky in the most un-spookiest of ways.. More like extremely comfortable, to be sitting out on the edge of this cliff face in the centre of the Fort’s grounds with candles, herbal tea and good people. We used a different talking board this time, it had rune and ohm symbols instead of the modern day alphabet and included the elements and planets. It suited the situation as the fort was centuries old. I haven’t heard how the results turned out as but Anto was pleased with the nights findings.

Sylvia Walsh 2011 (C)

Speaking of Anto, he now has my camera. Which is due for a little ”operation” if you will. I’m having the outer camera case replaced, apparently the superglue only screwed up the buttons function – the actual brain of the camera and all of its functions were not affected. Which is a relief to say the least! I’ve also decided to save up for a new DSLR, which a friend of a friend can order it in his shop for me. I’m almost there money wise, it is a lot to pay for but I need a newer better camera for my photography work for the team, it’s scary to think my work is being published in magazines! I’m very lucky.. So in the new few weeks I should have the funds I need for my beautiful new camera! :) xoxo


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