Warm Summer’s Breeze.

The past three weeks have been magnificent. The weather was fantastic, just like early Summer should be!

It’s been truly Summery and I’ve loved every second of it. I’ve made sure I’ve been outside soaking up the Summery atmosphere every chance I’ve got. I don’t understand how people can waste such beautiful days cooped up indoors missing out, especially when this weather is something Ireland is not used too. We’re very lucky we have such a vast landscape to wander through as well, something I would find very hard to live without. Living in the city has its perks but the countryside has its privacy and there’s always an opportunity to explore new surroundings.

Sylvia Walsh 2011 ©

About half of the past three weeks have been spent at Home doing crafty bits/working/planning and playing. And the other half has been spent with Shane in Cobh doing all the things we love together and enjoying every second of each others company. Something we seem to always do is explore different places to eat, last week we ate at ”Ketchup Grill”  off Paul St. and it was fantastic. Mainly because the vegetarian option was divine. I’m not kidding, the amount of times I’ve mentioned going back or how nice the food was, I’m even dreaming about it and have a recipe on how to make my own! Next week we’re returning back there for more amazing nosh. I can’t wait! ♥ We also went to see Arthur in cinema, it was surprisingly hilarious and cute. Not the typical mushy rom-com so I was relieved :) Another thing that really surprised me was Tron Legacy. I through-ally enjoyed this film and Olivia Wilde was really good in it. Something I would not have said before seeing it as I dislike her for reasons I shall not name!:)

The majority of the days were spent barelegged strolling hand in hand with Shane to the beach (or to the city) with a little furry friend accompanying us as we bask in the sun’s golden rays. Walking around in the city in gladiator sandals is something I haven’t been able to do before, the weather just hasn’t been this good in so long! It was wonderful and so Summerish I could have died with happiness. Near enough everyone else had the right idea too and was wearing prints or floral/summery inspired stuff which made the day even lovelier. Even the Goths looked brighter!
Fruit smoothies are back with a passion too as of recently. I stopped having them everyday a few months back but last week we needed one to cure a nasty hangover and the obsession started again! This morning I had a strawberry and raspberry frozen yoghurt smoothie with pineapple and banana chunks. Deeeelish.

Until tonight peeplings! I feel I have already rambled enough.
I’m off to cook me some scrummy falafel!


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