D.I.Y tute: ty-dye fabric CD case.

Image one:
I used orange card stock for the frame of the CD case. The wings will be glued to the lower flap that says ”flip sides up” in order to hold the CD inside it. Fold it over to make sure it all fits perfectly together. (I roughly guessed the size needed against an old CD) Next I cut a rectangle of previously ty-dyed fabric out and measured it against the card stock, leaving enough space to flip the fabric inside and glue down. It doesn’t really matter about being tidy on the inside of the CD case because it’s going to be covered up!
Image Two:
Make sure to flip the sides of the fabric in neatly just so no loose threads make a sneaky appearance after it’s all finished! Glue down with super glue (it’s quickest but PVA is also okay, it’l just need more drying time)  and when all the sides have been glued in flip the bottom part up to have a look at how it will turn out.
Image Three:
Using slightly thinner card I measured the size up leaving about 1 cm left of a gap around the edges of the CD case. Next using PVA glue I generously poured lots of glue on the inside where the orange card was still visible.  Pop in your card and give it a good smudge around and let dry. I super glued the edges for extra strength but it’s totes optional. Next, using embroidery thread I sewed along both sides of the bottom flap to secure the CD that will be placed in afterwards. Give it a crease here and there to make sure it’s used to being closed (the glue can stiffen the fabric and cause it to close awkwardly)

and your done!
Using fabric pens you can draw your design on the front (or leave it blank) or sew on embellishments or anything that takes your fancy. I’ve left mine plain because I don’t have a clue what next album will go in so it’s currently just sitting alongside my other home made CD’s waiting until I have a new album that needs a pretty new home.

This is one I made last week for a dear friend of mine..:)

Happy Creating :)


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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