Get up.
Tie up hair, wash face, moisturise. Take down hair.
Go downstairs.
Clean kitchen;  wash up whatever has gathered in the sink from the night before, dry, clean units and sugar spills. Fill kettle up.

Make some form of vegetable or fruit smoothie. Eat with handful of raisins and nuts. Herbal tea.

Return Upstairs.
Brush teeth. Tidy room,dress bed, pull back curtains. See the day for what it is.
Decide whether I should wear flow y summery clothes or warm layers with fluffy booties.  (This week it’s been the latter)

Turn on laptop, check emails and blogs. Gather any new inspiration, take mental notes. Think/dream of far away wishes. Long walk. (weather permitting)


Some time after this morning routine is done it varies from blog surfing/tumbling – dreaming and planning – making things + getting crafty. Or having a bash off L4D.

I need something new to happen around here. .. I need the sun and good weather to come back. That’s always good for getting me out into the air to clear my head and fill it with fresh thoughts to obsess over. I have plans. Lot’s. And this Summer will be so good. For the love of cheese make it a sunny Summer.


8 thoughts on “Routine.

  1. Sylvie says:

    Lol your bed must be cozy:P But your not wasting your life! You always seem to be doing something fun.. I dunno, lately I just feel stuck in a rut! I need to leaf or something for a while.. :)

  2. Sylvie says:

    I have to be productive to keep whats left of my sanity! You’ve seen where I live like.. it’s Iran like!! Nothing exciting ever happens here and all my friends live too far away!

    • Sylvie says:

      Thankyou!/Merci! Je ne savais pas si je dois répondre en anglais donc je vais répondre en allemand! Danke für das Betrachten meines Blogs, ich bin froh, dass du es genossen! Komm bald zurück, post ich täglich!
      (: xox

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