D.I.Y: Stained Glass Tea Light Jars

Today whilst rummaging through mum’s endless supply of arty things in her workshop I stumbled across a few pots of unused glass paint and soon after was given some empty baby food jars as well. So it only made sense that I decided to have a go at painting these cute little jars! I started with the insides, painting each jar a different colour using Red, Yellow, Green and Blue and mixed colours to have Orange and Purple also. It ended up working out to one colour for each jar! I love that they’re so small and colourful. Totally cute :)

Once I had painted the insides of the jars I used silver glass paint to dot around the outside top edges of the jars. I didn’t really have a plan on how I was going to design them so I went with simple dots on each jar. Nothing to fancy. I like how they turned out any way. I know these are fast becoming my favourite little things to create. Not only are they so easy but they look so cute hanging from branches of trees or just sitting glowing lightly on a shelf in your bedroom. The pictures don’t really do these little jars justice, the colours are just gorgeous in the light (and dark with the candles burning!)
So really you’ll just have to make some of your own to see for yourself! :) XOXO

P.s, Congratulations to Elsie and Jeremy Larson who tied the knot today! They’re only the sweetest couple ever in little blog-land.. :) XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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