Wasting Light

Today wasn’t anything particularly creative for me. I woke up to baby-sitting duties for the day whilst the parents went out shopping for building materials to make the house pretty. Baby-sitting  meant I got time to watch the Foo Fighters live gig in Carlisle that I had recorded and was eagerly waiting to see whilst Ellie stood at the table slowly moshing her head and bopping up and down on her tippy toes to the music too, which was soo adorable. We spent a good hour and a half moshing and swishing our hair about which resulted in really loud giggles from little Ellie. :) After the parentals came back I went for a rather fast paced walk up towards the gougane route this afternoon with my ipod. It feels good to walk that fast, with no set destination in my mind I just kept going. I felt like I could walk for hours.
Too bad the weather closed in like a hurricane!

Foo’s seventh album ‘Wasting Light’ is pure genius. I downloaded it this morning and haven’t got enough of it since. It’s the rock record I have been missing in my life for too long. It’s been something like four years since we last heard any album material from Foo’s so this really makes up for it. Go and buy/download it now. You will not be disappointed!

Going on another G. Hunt tomorrow at 5. Investigating another creepy hill fort, then for the night we’re having our first  little UFO watching session around a bonfire with cups of yummy vanilla tea  surrounded by the stars. Fun!



I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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