Driving home at Dawn.


We spent the night curled up on our own little sofa seats each with a cup of elephant tea and a cozy companion, mine was occasionally the fluffiest of cats! She really was a gem. When she totted off Pirate the small jack russel looking dog slumped next to me for cuddles and warmth. An evening with Xak and the lads wouldn’t be complete without a trusty talking board now would it? We spent the entire morning on it. Right up to 5 am when the moon shone so big and bright in that creepy early morning sky. It was beautiful outside then. The birds silently chirping along to the day approaching. Its always so comforting going to sleep as the world wakes, with slivers of golden light creeping in through my curtains. Reminds me of  the earlier days, of all nighters and times I couldn’t sleep.


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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