the switcheroo series

Over the last three days or so I’ve been cleaning and clearing out my room, removing old furniture that harvested endless amounts of unused crap that wasn’t needed any more. Now my room is slightly better and clearer. I still feel like I own too many unnecessary things but if I throw anything else out my mother will most certainly have something to say further about it. She already thinks my bedroom is too bare. I just get sick of the same order things get stuck in, we’re all like it in my house. Every now and then you’ll hear furniture being moved and things being thrown out (at random hours in the day too I might add) Recently the middle brother has been the worst for it, I’ve calmed down on switching around. Purely because my room isn’t the biggest and my bed just happens to take up most of the room so it makes things awkward if I want to switch my bed.

I saw the most amazing tipee/bed whilst drifting around the internets many inspiring pages. I instantly fell in love with this! I’d love to create something like this in my future home. I can imagine myself and Shane spending many a binjful afternoon in it with movies and nibbles. We’d never leave!

 It’s quite easily done really. I’ve kinda got the plans in my head already on how to go about making one for us.  :)
It would be perfect. XO


I love reading all your lovely comments! :] xo

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