Things I love. Part 1

With the Summer creeping up fast on us I wanted to post a few things I’m totally head over heels for lately!

1. Fresh fruit salad.

Starting each day with a blended fruit + frozen yogurt smoothie or a bowl of granola and fresh fruit is the best way (in my opinion) to start your day . So yummy and not to mention healthy!

2. Crochet fashion.

I love love LOVE that crochet has made its way back into the wardrobes of so many. It’s my number one staple choice for bohemian style this Summer. It’s so light and intricate and easy to wear with anything with various ways to style it into a summer wardrobe. <3

3. Dip dyed hair.

It’s something I’ve become increasingly obsessed with, although I can’t dye my hair at all this year (resolutions to keep!) I will keep on lusting after this till the year after, when my hair will be long and lush and totally recovered from all that dying the year before and the dip dyed hair style will be ”out of fashion”. This look is amazing and I love that it got into the last fashion week!

4. Swimming
It’s getting close to those lovely long summer days and warm swims in nearby rivers and beaches. I can’t wait, I love swimming! Especially when it’s outdoorsy and natural. Not chlorine filled swarmed with kiddies indoor pools (although I love them too!)

5. Long natural hair.
I’ve come to realise the best colour that suits a person is their natural beautiful colour they were blessed with. My own hair has gotten so long and thick in such little time, I’m very lucky! As much as I want to cheat and buy myself some sneaky hair extensions I keep putting myself off.. I forget how sickening it is wearing them and having to take them out yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, long lush natural hair is a winner!

… Part two coming soon! XOXO


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